The idea of creating The Trailblazers Club originated at the start of 2017 with three friends, Josh, Haydn and Tom, who wanted to try and create a club where like-minded people can come together, achieve amazing feats and create a positive social impact.

A Trailblazer as an individual who is willing to step out of the norm of every day life, put themselves in an environment which will push their limits and develop them as a person.

We are creating a community of like minded people who want to achieve amazing feats and create a positive social impact. Changing lives, whether those of the people taking part or those receiving help from the charities, is a fundamental aspect to the success of The Trailblazers Club.

Whether our adventures take us from the Mountains of the Himalayas to the Jungles of the Amazon, there will always be new and exciting trails to blaze in the pursuit of adventure and bettering ones self. We aim to create the framework necessary to help with the preparation and execution of such feats for anyone who wants to be part of this unique club.