I’m back in business!  Been savagely frustrating the last few weeks watching all the boys training but that’s all over now.  I’m fully fit and back in the game.  The way I’m viewing the training side of things is to build it slowly until mid August and from then on nothing else matters but getting my body ready for the task at hand.

In other news….. this run and everything involved with it has been such a fulfilling experience so far.  Everyday I am doing something that I know is going to benefit somebody else and that is something that keeps driving me forward.  Every email sent to a potential donor…every stretching session I am doing that will help me cross the finish line… every tiny progressive task that the team does moves The Trailblazers Club forward and that means the end goal is closer!

From a personnel standpoint….. Everything seems to be coming together for the chaps.  Joshua finally got a text back after an emotional couple of weeks.  I thought we had lost him there for a minute but all is looking good now that his lady friend has stopped ignoring him.  Harry has started his new job and Tom is making the most progress in regards to the running….  

In regards to our fundraising campaign for YoungMinds, we will be up to 20% of our target in the next few weeks.  The team is working hard on getting our fundraising event together…. This will be announced in the coming weeks and I think it will be a special night.

All in all everything is very positive and with three months to go it is game on!!

Josh Vintner-Jackson